Working from Home? Here are some steps to improve your eating habits

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When your home is now your new office and the kitchen is not far away from your seat, to withhold food while working feels like conflict right? On the other side, there’s that slight stress of work that completely makes you forget to have a meal. Suddenly, a new assignment consumes all your time and then you would successfully skip the meal the whole day. Yes, this is all certainly a struggle for most of them working from home. But remember that you need to be in check with nutrition no matter how busy things get. Thus, these unhealthy eating habits must be altered and the below tips might help you with that!

1. Create a specified workspace

Well, the kitchen is the only place in your entire house where you can get the token to get fat and unfit. So the most helpful option to avoid unhealthy eating habits is to keep a distance from the kitchen! Seems impossible right? it doesn’t have to be. Simple as the name indicates, isolate your work area at as distant as possible from the kitchen. This distance will decrease your cravings from the kitchen and you won’t get the sensation of a bakery or a restaurant right beside you. Keep your vision away from the fridge and stop checking your fridge so many times a day, and have a pre-plan to hit the kitchen for a meal, or to have a snack. This brings us to the second tip.

2. Plan your meal-times

Yes, you should. Planning your meals would be the most obvious way to overcome unhealthy eating. Have a schedule prepared that says when to have a snack, when to have a lunch-meal and yeah, and those stress-relieving coffee breaks! This will really help you stay composed with your eating habits. Try to treat the home as an office space if work is your main focus and food keeps on tempting you. 

Not only meal times but also keep a clear check on the to-do-list and analyze the time when you feel the most energetic for work and rest to take a break!

3. Prep your meals

This is important! no matter how hard you try to be healthy when your meals are the false inputs to your body, you won’t be any healthy.

Prep your meals ahead of your time every day, it does not have to be a fancy meal or a huge recipe necessarily, just prepare something that has significant nutrition in it! Something like grilled chicken and some veggies and perhaps omelet along with it? This is an example of a simple yet proper meal!

4. Drink lots of water

Sometimes you might feel dehydrated and maybe lightheaded as well while working from home! This is because of dehydration, you will have a water bottle always beside you when in the office right? Similarly, keep a water bottle near you all the time at home as well. Learn to drink lots of water, when we say a lot, it means in huge amounts and keeps in mind that an average human needs to consume at least 2-3 litres of water per day. Water is exceptional to intake but liquid sugars are a no-no, considering it is never really healthy for the human body to consume even though it’s refreshing. 

5. Don’t think of work while eating

When it’s a meal-time, it should be meal-time. When hunger hits you and it’s time for a meal, make sure to leave that work stress at your desk and bring back that joy of eating at your dining table! This is not only a healthy and happy eating habit but this will also help you in boosting your productivity!

Bottom line

Working at home and eating healthy might feel like an unmanageable combo sometimes because of overeating and avoiding eating.  However, you can change those bad eating habits and improve your dieting as well as health. The above tips will help you with that healthy eating while working from home!

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