Treadmill versus Running Outside: Best Exercise for Weight Loss

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Best Exercise for Weight Loss:

Well, we all know a treadmill is a good alternative for running. Yet, running is argued to be the best conventional exercise. Do you want to know why?
Let’s see why running outside is considered the best exercise and which of them a treadmill or running outside (running trainer) is the fittest one for weight loss.

Before that let’s see the benefits of each of them.

Running Weight loss program
running trainer

Benefits of running on the treadmill 

  • The treadmill is a more comfortable way to exercise as it can provide constant temperature throughout the exercise. 
  • There is no headache of traffic while running outside and worry about weather. 
Thus, this can be counted as a comfortable form of exercise when compared to running outside. 
  • When using a treadmill, you can set the speed of ramp which is the pace of your running, which is either slow or speed. 
  • Well, this particular feature is very helpful when you are preparing for a running event or for improving that pace control.  
  • Since the treadmill provides different profiles such as hill profile, cardiovascular profile, fat-burning profile, etc. for your operating options, it’s versatile. 
  • One good benefit of a treadmill is that you can track your status of workout, calories burnt and distance covered. 

All these factors can help you keep a track of how much the workout is advanced. Also, running on a treadmill can impact less on your bone joints since that cushion surface provides enough safety to your joints.

Well, now let’s look at the benefits of running outside.

Benefits of running outside

  • You don’t need to go to a gym when running is your option, it’s much more effective and simple. 
  • Running is the best when training for any sports events because your muscles and joints will be conditioned more while running.
  • You get adapted to specific weather conditions and those obstacles that you come across while running. 
  • You can motivate yourself by setting a goal of a certain distance and time, this will help improve running pace, it is also much useful to build stronger bones. 
  • The most outstanding benefit of running outside, the conventional way of exercise is that you can burn more calories.

Enough said! Let’s see which is the best exercise for weight loss quickly.

Running Outside Vs Treadmill:

When we compare the benefits of running outside vs treadmill, it’s quite clear that both have different benefits. So, if you want to prepare for any race or running event, then running outside would be the best option for you (running trainer). When it comes to weight loss, you need to burn about 3500 calories in order to lose 1 pound of fat besides the total calorie consumption

A treadmill provides that calorie burn or that cardiovascular fitness goal, with the press of a button. But, you may wanna increase the belt speed a lot higher. You can even set an inclined ramp too to create a terrain experience. But, there are no turning points or any obstacles in between as there are while running outside. Treadmills can be serious too, you need to be so active while using the treadmill and when doing those speed adjustments.

So the answer for the best exercise for weight loss would be a treadmill, if you want that high calorie burns, just crank up the speed and push yourself to that. One bonus of a treadmill is that you can listen to music while running on the treadmill. But this might not be the option while running outside, especially on busy roads. Moreover, with Treadmill running you don’t have to worry about weather conditions and you need not look out for a partner to accompany you.


If your goal is weight loss, go for a treadmill exercise to burn more calories and ultimately lose weight. One good tip would be to keep track of the activity displayed on the treadmill every day.

On the other hand, doing both the exercises benefits your overall cardio health.

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