Stressed During The Quarantine? 4 ways to feel better

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The Pandemic has introduced us to a new uncertainty. And this is what that is scaring people to the core. Studies say that the quarantine due to deadly COVID-19 has created a new level of stress in people. This stress may further extend to low mood, depression, frequent mood swings etcetera. Feeling stressed is acceptable due to the fear of infection and beyond for both voluntarily quarantined and involuntarily quarantined. Moreover, the end of this pandemic is not in our hands neither in any ones. The only way to keep ourselves safe from being affected is through quarantine and isolation.

Staying home for a long time for some uncertain period is painful, as you are restricted to perform your routine and favorite activities at offices, schools, parties etc. But did you realize that you have got a colossal amount of time in your hands for yourself, only yourself? Yes, the feeling of stress completely changes when you look into the other hidden side of the current situation. However, what we see is only the whacking and dark side of the quarantine which is scary, after all, we are humans and we tend to see what most people see and show us.

As every situation has good and bad in it, however sometimes good lies deep under the bad or sorrow, only we can do is either wait or try hard to bring it out. Same way, here are four simple and easy solutions to get rid of stress or at least feel less stressed during the quarantine.

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4 Ways to Get Out of Your Stress

Give a Break to Breaking News
The rapid spread of Coronavirus and the number of infected are only the breaking news now. The number automatically causes a little stress inside, and it is obvious. This can disturb your mood completely making you unfocused on your regular tasks such as projects if you are working from home. So, the only way you can prevent yourself from distracting is to avoid watching News. Once or twice in a day, you can watch what is happening around you in the world, but avoid watching the latest Corona updates frequently. Believe us, this will keep you calm and peaceful.

Take More RestThis is such a time, which nobody guessed. Life is full of surprises, to survive all we need to do is to adapt to new changes when we can do nothing. If your mind is peaceful and calm at least to some extent in this critical time, you might have realized a quantity of time with you to which you can add quality. Yes, this is the time, you can study more about yourself, take more concern about yourself physically and mentally. You can make most of this time by figuring your strengths, areas of opportunities and work on them. Who knows a new skill learned in this quarantine may be in huge demand after the lockdown?

Finally, get more sleep, more rest and get ready to kickstart life again with huge energy after the lockdown.

Spend More Time with Your Family
This is the time that will never come back, hopefully, it shouldn’t. You have a great amount of time in your hands to make memories if you think positively. We had a busy schedule before this pandemic has started, and we might not really give quality time to the family. So, make use of this time to learn more about your loved ones, strengthen your relationship with them. If you are staying alone, try connecting with your school friends and teenage friends, plan a group call and recall your memories. Don’t you love recalling the funny and memorable events you did during your school?

Start a New Hobby
In this dreadful situation, all we have is a handsome amount of time with us. Why not practice a new skill, or start a hobby like reading books or gardening or at least picking up the old hobby you left two years back? Motivate yourself to start a new hobby which later motivates you to move on. If you have ditched going gym sometime in the last year or last month, then this the time to pick it up again. Exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes to keep yourselves fit. Go for a walk with your pet around your home, try cooking new healthy recipes or pick back your pen and write or draw if that was your passion. At last, design yourself into a skilled and happy person in this quarantine so that you will not regret later for wasting this time.

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