Staying Home? Don’t Let Your Fitness Goals Take a Backseat

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Staying home for a long time actually causes too much stress especially, during this quarantine period. The COVID-19 pandemic has left us all with no options but to stay home. All the malls, parks, parties, colleges, etc. were shut down, as a part of complete lockdown. Hence, the options to spend your day were reduced to almost half as you can’t go to school, or office or party or even gym but to simply stay home by watching Netflix or cooking your favorite dish. Did you realize how much your body has changed as you ditched workouts and basic exercises? Here is some Workout in Home Gym Tips for you.

Workout in Home Gym:

It doesn’t matter if you are not a fitness lover(who regularly goes to the gym) or the one who had never gone to the gym. The Workout in Home Gym like a little walk or small movements of your knees & arms were all cut down as you are not stepping out of the home. Did you know this gains you weight, weakens your strength and makes you even lazier? Do not panic! This article helps you learn how to get back on track to keep your body healthy and fit.

There are many ways to provide the best exercises to your body and nourish it with strength without stepping out of your home.

Plenty of reasons put your fitness goals in the backseat, but what you need is the motivation to stay fit. Let’s see the reasons that are stopping you from working out regularly and tips to overcome them.

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Reasons that Keep you Away from Workouts

Lack of Commitment

Agreed that doing workouts at home isn’t that fun especially, for regular gym-goers. But did you forget about the resolution you took this year? Your safest place in the world(nothing but your home) helps you in giving more excuses for your comfort. So, think before you give yourself an excuse for not working out because, in the end, you may be left with only regrets.

You Find No Fun while Exercising
Working out alone in your home is quite boring, we understand. But did you try playing your favorite motivational music or online fitness videos while working out? There are plenty of Online Zumba classes, fitness classes, aerobic classes on the internet which keeps you motivated. If you have not attended to gym or Online fitness classes yet, try taking the online classes. You can join a gym near you later after everything gets normalcy.

One of the biggest concerns about working out at home is the distraction. Your Work From Home job may not leave you some personal time or sometimes your family may need your extra time and this way your routine life gets in the way of your personal time. These are the things you cannot avoid.
So, try to wake up at least 30 minutes early so that you will have your time to do your favorite workouts, also your body will love you for this.

Staying home with no work will surely make you lazy, agreed. You all know being lazy will stop you from doing any regular tasks, and if you get along with being lazy you can hardly come out of it. So, try being more active, try waking up early, motivate yourself, make your bed, clean your room, etc. to get ready to workout with a kick start.Now, let’s see what are the exercises or workouts you can start right away to keep yourself fit staying home.
Most people do not have gym equipment at home to workout efficiently. This will not be an excuse from now on. Here are the effective workouts you can do without any equipment.

  • Push-ups – Good for your chest
  • Bicycle Crunches – Good for your abs
  • Squats – Good for your glutes
  • Pull-ups – Good for your back
  • Side Kicks – Good for your thighs
  • Planks – Good for your stomach
  • High Knees
  • Lifting Weights(lift a filled water can) – Good for your arms

Do these simple workouts as a set of 3 or 4 times every day, so that you can protect your muscles and the body shape your gained while going gym!

The other simple exercises you can do at your home
Walk over miles in your home – count your steps while walking from your room to the kitchen and back.
Teach the workouts you learned to your kids or your partner, this will be really fun and remember, they will thank you for this.

Thus, these simple and fun exercises will not only keep you fit and healthy but also renovates your mood. These kinds of easy and regular exercises keep you on track without letting your fitness goals to slip from the cracks. Along with doing your regular exercises, take a healthy meal following a proper diet to add value to your efforts.

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