Skipping Meals is Good or Bad?

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Have you ever wondered how skipping meals( Intermittent fasting ) affects you? Do you think that skipping meals is healthy? Well, the answer is no. Before we explore the reasons behind this answer,  just observe that skipping meals is separate from dieting and it has a completely different nature. Anyhow, skipping meals is not healthy and there are thousands of surveys and studies carried out upon individuals to find out if skipping meals is good or not.  The results of those are very different for each other. The best-proven answer by them all is that it’s healthy only in the proper way.

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Still, confused? Intermittent fasting is the proper way of skipping meals which helps you reduce fat and maintain weight loss. Every now and then cutting down the number of meals in a day and excluding a certain type of food or eating a little low is intermittent fasting! But, in some stressful and busy situations, people worry less about food and often skip their meals. Usually, for an office going person, this happens a lot and they can’t help with that!

What happens if you skip meals?

Skipping meals will affect you both physically and mentally as well. You will eat a lot for your next meal which is not a good thing for your metabolism. Since your body can’t process food in large amounts easily, you’ll feel dizzy or sleepy and that results in lower focusing levels on work. Also, you might feel tired and low in energy and you’ll feel like doing nothing.

Regular skipping of meals will lead to nutritional deficiency, besides that, it will also impact your mental stability. Mood swings and unnecessary anger will hit you, your sugar levels will go down and it even lessens your appetite. Think before you skip a meal by keeping these in mind. But it’s always certain that your schedule might not help with regular meals.

Here are some suggestions that might help you avoid skipping meals.

How to avoid skipping meals?

Prepare a schedule for yourself to plan on your meals and help yourself in following that.

  • Use reminders from your smartphones that help you alarm your meals.
  • If the work, forces you to skip your meal, have a snack or a banana that will help you stay a bit active till your next meal.
  • One good way to avoid skipping meals is to plan the times when you can have a meal and have meals in small amounts which is almost the same as proper meals.

But these might never help you if you need immunity. Immunity can only be maintained and obtained by having proper meals and taking nutritional food. So, never skip any meal as your immune gets weaker.

Ok. Now, let’s look at intermittent fasting.

Benefits of Intermittent fasting

With that said, we shall explore the benefits of Intermittent Fasting and see how it works!

Here’s the good thing about intermittent dieting, it’s one of the most followed diets among all and it’s significant in weight loss, there are several other forms of diet such as Keto-diet, Vegan diet, Zone diet etc.,

So there different ways to develop an Intermittent Fasting such as

16:8, this means Squeezing all the meals of a day into an 8 hour period and fasting for 16 hours.  Another one is 5:2, which means having meals for 5 days and fasting for the rest of 2 days. But here fasting refers to having about 400-700 calories a day for those 2 days.

This one is also called Intermittent Fasting (IF)and has benefits such as:

According to studies, following this diet will help lose weight anywhere from 1.5% to 8% of their body weight.

It helps in lowering cholesterol levels, boosts the function of the brain, reducing insulin resistance. It also proved to reduce the chances of strokes.

It even proved to extend longevity (an increase of lifespan).

Bottom line

Food is the one thing that can make you instantly happy at any time.  A happy meal means a happier day! Having said that, skipping meals can affect your body negatively, try to avoid it as much as you can. Moreover, having the right amount of food at the right time between the right intervals will boost your immunity, metabolism, and productivity that sums up for good health.

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