Fitness & Wellness Tips for corporate employees who sit for long hours

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Employee wellness cannot be jeopardized but has to be prioritized. It is commendable how the organizations are coming up with well-being programs, right? Are you too working from home? Great, I can relate to how difficult it was to cope up to work from home. Anyway, after sitting for a while near the kitchen counter, taking calls on the bed, replying to emails on the couch, I have realized the impact it had on my work performance. Soon after suggestions from the colleagues, I created a tiny workspace in the little corner of the hall and now I am on the laptop for the entire day. We certainly were doing the same in the office too, sitting and committedly working for long hours straight.

Employee wellness
Employee wellness

Though it gives immense gratification, the adverse effects of sitting in the same posture for long hours aggravate the health issues. The unsolicited back pain, muscle strains, and neck spasms have also entered our work from home lifestyle. If you are a corporate employee who is glued to the desktop every day for immensely greater hours, then you can relate to what I’m talking about. As much as I share the pain and empathize I’m also here writing an article to provide fitness and wellness tips for all the employees out there. Before you decide to scroll through the article relax your body, release the tension, take a wide stretch.

Employee wellbeing program:

Yes, I get it you cannot compromise on the constant office work which makes you believe sacrificing the few minutes you can dedicate to avoid tiredness from long hours is the best thing you can do. Well, you are wrong because prioritizing your fitness does not harm your work but in fact, boosts productivity.  

What sitting for long hours can do to your health

Sitting for longer times has a risk of heart problems, high blood pressure, risk of diabetes, obesity, and mental health issues. You log in to work and as time passes; the stress reduces the energy levels, leaving you tired for the remaining day. It will make you lethargic, a couch potato who tries to seek help for even getting a water bottle from the fridge. The list keeps expanding as nothing good comes from sitting for a longer time. 

Here are a few tips you can follow for good health

  1. Walk around

 Leave no chance to walk in the room even if you’re doing any tasks related to work. Walking while talking over the phone, taking client’s calls is a commitment you can stick to that will benefit your health, which your back is going to thank you later for. During your lunch break, including a 5 minutes walk in the balcony post-meal is a habit you can inculcate to remain active. 

  1. Stretching

For the times when you cannot risk taking even a minute break, stretching comes in handy. As you read the documents or listen to presentations with your camera turned off, do 

  • Neck rotations

Move your neck from the center to the left and then back to the same position. Repeat in the other direction.

  • shoulder stretch and my favorite 
  • Upward hands stretch, join your hands and lift it upwards. Reach high as you feel the shoulders stretching, stretch your right hand to the left, lock it with the left hand until you feel the stretch, do the same with another hand.

 Tip: Sit up straight while stretching.

  1. Sitting posture
  • Do not sit with your back and shoulders frowned. 
  • Sit straight 
  • Relax the shoulders
  • Rest your feet
  • Cushions to reduce back pain
  • Moving around after working for long hours
  1. Set your boundaries

If you want, ask for it. If you don’t reject it. The second wave has galloped the cases more than anyone guessed, in these unprecedented times if you aren’t comfortable meeting anyone personally until the situation gets back to a safe normal, then communicate with the other person. For your wellbeing and others’ welfare, consider making virtual plans and stay in touch. 

  1. Fun Activities

Wellbeing for both your physical and mental health. Either individual or with your friends and colleagues, think of activities you can do from the vicinity of your home. Confining at home doesn’t completely restrict us from connecting with loved ones. Make it exciting by engaging in fun and healthy activities. Zumba can be a fun activity to virtually perform with friends. What’s the common activity your squad loves?

  1. Mindfulness

Mindfulness has been proven to reduce stress levels. It is an activity involving being present at the moment. To engage with the surroundings noticing the environment you are in. Avoiding the stressful, negative thoughts by practicing mindfulness lifts your spirits, making the mood better. 

  1. Exercise

Exercising releases happy hormones and the stress levels will no longer haunt us, as the body, when active, makes us feel more energetic. A fitness training plan in your daily routine is a must, especially when we are always at home because there is very little body movement. Exercising and physical activities are indeed energy boosters.

Employee Wellness Program:

The fitness and wellbeing tips mentioned in the article are advised for good physical and mental health. Setting personal boundaries has become imperative. Experiment and stick by a schedule that works for you. Because we are unique and our priorities differ, so never believe in a “one size fits all” approach, especially for your fitness and wellbeing. To subscribe to the fitness activity you enjoy doing daily, subscribe to Fitsocial and join to exercise with the squad. Are you a company looking to plan an employee wellness program? Sign in to Fitsocial for a holistic employee wellbeing program

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