Enable fitness at home for your employee’s better health and engagement

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The incessant work requirements haven’t halted despite the pandemic. In no time, the organizations have fired employees, announced work from home, and carried on business operations. Enable Home Workout for your employees with better health and engagement.

Despite tremendous challenges, the employees diligently met their work commitments. Even the organizations carried on their operations with no disruptions. Announcements of introducing vaccines soon are giving a ray of hope for getting back to leading a normal lifestyle. We all miss the office environment, visiting the campus, and having an authentic experience! Its praise-worthy to see the contributions made by the organizations for ensuring their employee’s well-being.

Starting right from imposing flexible working hours to allowing them to take breaks during emergencies, the help of companies is aiding the employees, reducing the mental pressure. However, the health of employees cannot be compromised, in getting work done. Immense stress has a severe effect on the health of the employees that further impacts their engagement and work performance. Thus it becomes important for the organization to arrange programs for the well-being of employees. 

Home Workout
Advantages of a Wellbeing Program to Employees:
  • Increased productivity
  • Higher engagement
  • Job satisfaction
  • Reduced stress
  • Good health
  • Teamwork and communication

Leading a healthy lifestyle by inculcating a dose of fitness in daily activities is beneficial for humans. But when the employees work and stay at the same place, they are prone to become lazy. Sometimes we lack the motivation to push ourselves in practicing healthy exercises. Why? Because it has conditioned us all in believing that it is okay if you haven’t done or achieved anything during the lockdown. How far is this true?

Though it is agreeable that with so much going on in our lives we fairly can’t find times to do productive stuff, what about the other days? Are we going to continue the same at the cost of our health? Studies have proven that exercising regularly benefits the overall well-being. I can understand when we all visited the office, a physical movement and a disciplined routine was giving us time to hit the gym. Lockdown made us all glued to the couch and in between rushing to attend virtual meetings, take the important calls the health is delayed. 

This is when workshops come into the picture. In the offline mode world, companies had arranged for play areas and gyms on their campus. With everything shifting to online, the companies can give the same experience to employees by leveraging virtual mediums by forms of virtual wellness programs.

Employees religiously deliver the expected work but for assuring their efficiency and elimination of burnouts, companies are responsible to go easy on them. And special contributions to arranging virtual fitness sessions harms nobody. The employees would be glad to have fun interactions with the teams along with the benefits of exercising.

Home Workout:

Utilizing the leisures to workout at home is fruitful. Health is not an excuse, hence, one has to prioritize fitness by investing a couple of minutes from their day. You don’t have to follow the bandwagon of exercises, simply do what you love. Stick by a fun exercise that does not feel like a burden but fun.   

Even allotting a 15-minute break between work exclusively for employees attending a lively fitness session keeps them active and reduces absenteeism. A weekend connecting with colleagues virtually and shedding some calories makes them feel valued beyond work relations, as their health is taken care of. 

With, or without workload, the physical and mental wellbeing of employees is imperative as the castle of your organization is built by hardworking employees. Willing to organize wellness programs for our employees? Connect with Fitsocial to know more details, because we care for our employees’ health, as much as you do. 

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