What is the best free workout app for beginners?

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Did you know that you can access thousands of simple and fun exercises directly from your mobile phone? It’s really amazing! Some will help you gain confidence when you go back to the gym and others are ready to help you do a comfortable workout in your home!

There are so many great apps to help you track your calorie intake and track your activities. Exercise is in the palm of your hand, even if you are a beginner.

Working alone for the first time does not have to be complicated, especially when you have experts just a click away. Whether you are an avid runner, a yoga lover, there is an app for that. Yes, since we live in a world of technology, you can turn your smartphone into your trainer in seconds..

Let’s take a sidebar to discuss why you should use an exercise app even as a beginner. You can get in and out of these activities. So why bother with complex things? The answer is simple. The answer is a workout app. 

Using the best exercise apps can help you boost your motivation and give you inspiration. With so many recent apps including social space where you can chat and share ideas with other people, that’s great news. But also confusion, isn’t it?


So we bring to you the best workout app especially designed from beginner to advanced level. Fitsocial provides you with more than 10 fitness categories to choose from. Read more to know further. 

FITSOCIAL- The Best Free Workout App for beginners

Best Free Workout App for Beginners

Teaching at beginner level requires patience. Patience is personified by Fitsocial Certified trainers. Fitsocial is an online fitness platform providing you fitness opportunities even into your busier days. We look forward to continuing to provide a variety of fitness training programs to our clients through highly efficient trainers even at the beginner level.

Thinking about why you should make Fitsocial your business partner right from the beginning. Here are some of the reasons which will make us agree on common grounds. Have a look!


  • Live sessions are tailored to your needs and fitness goals. Whether you are just starting out or already have some experience in the field. Our program is helpful to each of you. We guide each of you from the beginner level, readily answering your every doubt.


  • Fitsocial gives you a “Workout on Demand” facility so that this newly added regime in your lives doesn’t mess up your other areas of work. You may want to exercise in the morning one day and the next night. And we fully understand it. With that being said, Fitsocial allows you to customize your plans as much as possible.


  • Our trainers are experienced, certified and have 100% expertise in the way they work. With Fitsocial, you get your fitness regime with the best coaches in town.



Learning from a beginner level requires courage, & Fitsocial congratulates you to be daring enough to land here.  Above are some of the benefits to be highlighted, for more information on live fitsocial sessions and what they mean for you, visit – https://fitsocial.in

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