Achieve Fitness through HIIT

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Fitness has become a common goal for most of the people these days, no matter the age. At least 1 out 4 people are unable to exercise regularly due to various reasons. The reasons are different for different individuals such as lack of commitment, time, proper trainer, etc. A person can get fit through multiple ways such as yoga, cardio, aerobics, weights, or even basic exercises like walking, running, biking and many Fitness program.

Fitness Program:

Kristen Burgomaster with a few scientists developed High-Intensity Interval Training simply known as HIIT in 2005. which is doing miracles on humans’ metabolism since its discovery. The term is HIIT is often misunderstood by many people as simply a metabolism booster with many health benefits but it actually works for fitness and burning calories. The best part is that you can practice HIIT with the most basics you already knew like sprinting, biking, jumping rope, jumping squats etc. So are you ready to explore how does it work on fitness and how to practice it? Before diving into it let us explain what exactly HIIT is in simple words.

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What us HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)?

HIIT is practicing high-intensity workouts for some short period say 1 minute followed by a 1-minute slow exercise or complete rest as an interval and then repeat the process. This increases the heart rate which is useful for pumping the blood at high speed and finally keeps the heart-healthy. There are many proven experiments where HIIT yielded more positive results than cardiovascular exercises and aerobics. HIIT helps you stress out more and relax more after which you burn calories and cut your body fat. It also increases oxygen consumption by muscles and prevents your muscles from completely vanishing.

Thus HIIT brings you many benefits when compared with other ways of achieving fitness. And moreover, just 30 – 40 minutes of workout three times a week is much enough to achieve your fitness goals with HIIT. So, if you are someone who loves being fit but unable to focus on hours of fitness training program every day, then HIIT is the perfect choice for you. Now, let us see how HIIT works and how to practice it.

How HIIT Works:
  • All it needs to make most of HIIT is 40 minutes a day, 3 times a week. However, you cannot perform high-intensity workouts more than it, in case you do that’s not HIIT as simple as that.
  • Choose any exercise of your choice like high knees, burpees, sprinting, jumping rope, squats, or even biking.
  • Perform the exercise for 40 – 60 seconds with high-intensity and slow it down or rest for a minute or two. Repeat this for nearly 8 times for 40 – 50 minutes.
  • You can experiment with different types of exercises and choose the one which is comfortable for you. Practice it 3 times a week.
  • Your calories will start burning after a day of your workout so ensure you do not overdo it. Else you will end up with injuries that are fatal.
  • The excess stress you gave your body for a short period will increase your metabolism. And improves heart functioning, and improves oxygen consumption. Thus a win-win situation for your health and fitness as well.
  • As all the calories that are burnt are from your fat stores not from your muscle mass or energy.

Thus HIIT provides numerous benefits to people who want to achieve their fitness goals. As it requires less workout time and more resting time. Moreover, practicing HIIT doesn’t bore you or doesn’t allow you to double task. You need to put your complete focus as you need to practice with high-intensity. However, if someone wants to gain weight HIIT will act just as a side dish to provide health benefits.

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