5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Online Fitness Classes in India

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Technology has seized everything in the covid era. The groceries, cabs, answers to our mysterious questions, our favorite series are all present online in our own comfortable space. There’s no end to learning, and it was proven well, as the mode of teaching has shifted to online classes(Online Fitness classes too). The Internet made it possible to access anything we wish to know about. But are you doing your part? Because the virtual screens cannot change your reality if you are not actually implementing them right. Watching a 20-minute workout session that promises to burn 250 calories is possible only if you start moving your body.

Staying healthy should be our priority and confining to homes for a prolonged period shouldn’t divert its importance. Sleeping on the couch for an entire day binge- eating makes the body lazy, leading to an unhealthy lifestyle. Sometimes it is worse when you are truly committed to your fitness goals, but with endless information available online, it is strenuous to choose the authentic one that works best for you! Impressively, the online fitness classes are coming with innovative ideas to keep their enthusiasts right on track. 

Did you know?

The world holds over 200,000 health and fitness clubs.

Change towards fitness in the present era mended with trends is clinging people to their fitness goals by making each step trackable. The bandwagon of fitness trends has started, with the motive of keeping people active and aware of their health in a fun environment. The below listed are a few trends introduced in the fitness industry. 

  1. Fitness Equipment: 

Several fitness applications and types of equipment emerged. Fitbits are the most widely used fitness tracking device by people to keep a check on their daily targets. Apart from the tools, fitness applications have come to the rescue of people to get their doubts cleared, to customize their diet, update their fitness schedules, allowing people access to the fitness world in a commonplace. 

  1. Group Workouts: 

At times, it could be difficult for individuals to find any motivation to get themselves hustling. But thanks to the emergence of group workouts that many people have grown fond of. Working in a team makes people be there for each other, and activities together are always fun. Celebrating victories with your team, interactive sessions with them, shedding calories together helps those who have common interests. 

  1. Individual Trainers: 

Certified fitness trainers are offering their services to people, both offline and online. With strict schedules, sometimes we do not find time to hit the gym the first thing in the morning. To work at your convenience, under the guidance of an individual trainer, fitness isn’t compromised. Personal trainers accordingly create personalized regimes exclusively for your good health. 

  1. Virtual sessions: 

The online training classes that leave you with a choice to select the workout of your wish, have been the most opted fitness plan during the lockdown. Converting your home space into a work out environment can be handily done with no hassles by subscribing to fitness sessions. Live sessions, recorded videos, weekly challenges, Zumba classes, HIIT are the most popular workout plans. 

  1. Corporate wellbeing: 

Glued to the screens for an unusual time, employees are finding it difficult to stick to a fitness regime. Taking into account the importance of physical and mental wellbeing, organizations are planning for workout sessions for their employees. Even certain people are getting their muscles pumped, even during quick break intervals. To their rescue, several fitness startups like Fitsocial are organizing corporate well-being programs that are crucial to take up in present times. 

According to prnewswire:

The global Online fitness market size was valued at USD 6,046 Million in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 59,231 Million by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 33.1% from 2020 to 2027

Hitting the gym isn’t preferred by people during the covid era that led to the emergence of online fitness training. In the initial phase of the pandemic, fitness institutions, fitness experts flexibly adopted online training, making their presence reach to larger audience irrespective of their locations. Earlier, physical gym location was area restricted, now the sessions can subscribe from anywhere around the world without a problem. Though online fitness existed, it attracted people recently. Working out from home has left people to select a suitable time to workout, unlike the past times where you either hit the gym or whined about missing being present on time. 

Social media platforms have great potential that can be leveraged to make online fitness possible. For fitness professionals, it has opened opportunities to get noticed. There are different types of content one can upload to help their users. Workout videos are a brilliant idea to get started with. Conducting live sessions have exponentially grown, which is providing people an opportunity to get all their doubts cleared. Other ways of making fitness online include:

  • Online fitness classes
  • Diet plans
  • Blog articles
  • Infographics
  • Collaboration

The key is to choose a suitable fitness platform for online fitness training that has all been covered under a single umbrella. Accessing your meal plan in one place and switching tabs to track your fitness class can be daunting. To avoid such issues, download the right fit.

Fitsocial provides the best online fitness classes in India under the guidance of well-known certified fitness trainers. The application consists of various fitness workouts to choose from, running from Zumba, Yoga, HIIT, Kickboxing, and much more! As the hope for new normal and will to attend classes offline increases, with decreasing covid cases, Fitsocial highlights both online and offline modes of fitness training. Fitsocial is handy to choose from various other platforms, as it is a one-stop solution to our constant fitness problems. Beginning from help in customizing your fitness plan, finding you a trainer, connecting with people on the platform the best features on the application help meet your fitness goals. Download the Fitsocial app for a healthy lifestyle because anything crafted as per your convenience is worth trying. 

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