5 Hacks to Improve Your Dieting

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Do you ever count on calories? Or work hard for dropping weight and getting into shape? Or already started dieting? Well if yes, we know these conditions suck when your favorite food is the least likely one to be on your diet. Especially when you are following a strict diet. Ok calm now, you can cheat on dieting while sustaining your fitness goals. Just adding a few hacks to your diet can improve your dieting, moreover, this might take a little time to adapt!. We all know shedding weight is not only great for health but it also proffers us with some self-confidence. But healthy dieting is always a drop back when work is the priority. Don’t worry, you can always improve your dieting to fulfill your fitness goals.

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To boost up your eating habits or to improve your dieting, here are 5 tricks that you can put in place when you’re grappling with your eating goals.

1. Maintain a Food Diary

When it comes to eating, most people never really count on what they’re consuming and how that might affect their bodies. One who’s conscious of what they’re eating struggles with this restrained eating. Remarkably, this is a small hack that can hugely impact on improving eating habits for anyone. Try to maintain a diary, if not a book, maybe a mobile application or even stick notes on your work desk. Plan your meals ahead from tomorrow and make use of that plan the very next day. Set your meal times as reminders or maybe alarms, that way you can be on time to consume food. This won’t be a time-consuming process when it especially comes to improving eating habits. A study by Duke University revealed that tracking daily food consumption may help lose some healthy 6 pounds on average, despite any diet.

Tip: Make sure that there is about a 4 hours time gap between your dinner time and bedtime since your body needs to rest rather than digesting your food.

2. Be mindful while eating

It’s no use when your mind is not in agreement with what you’re eating. Stressful jobs will never leave your body and mind in peace, but you can at least be mindful while eating. Eat while you’re ready and distract yourself from work tensions, take time to relieve from that stress and then begin eating. Do not focus on the distractions that might leap you, instead choose a silent place and eat peacefully enjoying your own food.

Tip: End distractions by switching off the TV and other devices such as mobile. Also, chew your food thoroughly and stop eating when you’re full.

3. Avoid unwanted liquid meals

Liquid foods such as coffee and other sugar liquids might be delightful for our taste buds, but then all liquid meals are not healthy. Consuming coffee very often will raise your sugar levels, it can be counted when that’s necessary, but it’s not any good when consumed in extreme amounts every time.

Tip: Try replacing coffee and sugar liquids with natural juices that will boost up your immunity.

4. Weigh Yourself Daily

Have you ever wondered that weighing yourselves can help you lose weight? Yes, it’s completely possible and proven through experiments. Well, this is not any magic, there’s a logic behind this. Tracking your weight every day will help you be aware of your eating practices, helps to track your exercises and further aids in losing weight.

So next time when you wake up, weigh yourself and work accordingly and plan your meals and exercises. This will reshape you very positively and will bring a big difference.

Tip: Note a record of your weight every day and don’t stress too much on initial results, instead work accordingly.

5. Prefer Home Meals

Home food is the best food when it comes to clean and healthy cooking, also full of nutrients. Comparatively, out-side food might happen to be feel-good tasty ones. But it’s not good to consume outside food every often just for convenience and taste. Problems like bloating, inconsistent digestion will lead to disrupted sleep. Make sure to prefer only home food which is well cooked and carb-free when needed.

Tip: Try special dishes and recipes using conventional methods and have family dinners to spend some valuable time!


So, there you go, simple yet effective hacks and ways to improve your eating habits. One good advice is that, focus on quality food rather than quantity, this really helps in maintaining body calories and nutrients while boosting immunity parallelly.

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